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The Sooner, The Better

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  1. Aug 04,  · Re: the sooner (,) the better The general rule of thumb is to use a comma to set off a phrase or clause that expresses a contrast.
  2. Jun 11,  · The sooner the better, mayor says. Updated Jun 11, ; Posted Jun 11, Trump Plaza Hotel Casino in Atlantic City is shown in an Oct. 12, file .
  3. There was a strong feeling that anyone who today is relatively well off and still owes the government money on student loans should pay off that student loan and the sooner the better. Ils croient en majorité que toute personne, qui a aujourd'hui suffisamment de moyens et qui doit encore des sommes au gouvernement à cause d'un prêt étudiant.
  4. The sooner the better definition: You say the sooner the better when you think something should be done as soon as | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Log In Dictionary.
  5. The sooner they can call it, the better the outcome will be. That’s the philosophy behind the continued and intense development of EMS stroke protocols for Polk County Fire Rescue, Bartow, Fla., and the Stroke Diagnostic (Dx) Tool released in the Medical Priority Dispatch System (MPDS) Version () and most recently updated in MPDS v
  6. But then, you see, I had firmly realised this, that she would sooner recover from our separation than from our marriage; that her love for me, pretty and poignant and dramatic while it lasted, was a book- born, book-fed dream, which must die soon or late,--the sooner the better for the peace of the dreams that in the course of nature would soon spring up to take its place.
  7. The sooner he can get Lorraine home, the better! If you love women who hold their own in any adventure you're going to love this tale. - BookPage Formerly published as Moon Over Water --This text refers to an alternate kindle_edition edition. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission/5().
  8. 1 Sooner is the comparative of soon. 2 You say the sooner the better when you think something should be done as soon as possible. ♦ the sooner the better phrase Detective Holt said: `The kidnapper is a man we must catch and the sooner the better'.

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