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Polluted Existence

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  1. Pollutants in soil, most often from industrial sources, deforestation and improper waste disposal, put animals and plants in danger. Soil polluted by chemicals eventually becomes infertile and unable to support crops and other plant life. This hinders food .
  2. Being physically active is very good for your heart and circulatory system, and for most people the benefits of being physically active outweigh the risks of breathing in polluted air. But if you have a heart or circulatory condition, or long-term lung disease, you should reduce the amount of exercise you do outdoors if the air pollution level.
  3. Breathing in a steady stream of polluted air can cause a multitude of health problems, especially for those living in urban areas where the concentration of pollution is much higher. 0 Once the ocean is polluted, important marine life gets destroyed and precious ecosystems become unbalanced.
  4. Pollution happens when too much of a material or energy upsets nature's balance. Air, water and land pollution result from too much material. Energy pollution includes light, sound and thermal pollution. Understanding facts about pollution for kids and adults leads to individual efforts that add up.
  5. Polluted definition, made unclean or impure; contaminated; tainted: swimming in polluted waters. See more.
  6. If the IHME study is isolated to children under the age of five, pollution moves from being the fifth highest death risk, to third and second for children aged The WHO’s Air Quality Guideline s states that long-term exposure for those living above an annual average PM concentration of 10 μg/m3 are at higher risk of mortality.
  7. Synonyms for polluted at planbacklantpretintmasalacleahenvorep.xyzinfo with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for polluted.
  8. Define polluted. polluted synonyms, polluted pronunciation, polluted translation, English dictionary definition of polluted. tr.v. pol·lut·ed, pol·lut·ing, pol·lutes 1. To make unfit for or harmful to living things, especially by the addition of waste matter.

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